SPREADING MOM…A Poetic Animation

I’m writing the screenplay for the new film by my friend Cici Artist entitled: Spreading Mom. It’s a poetic animation about the final gift a mother gave to her children and we need to raise $1,500 to get it off the ground. So we’ve posted the project to KICKSTARTER.



That’s how I started my blog entry back in October of 2012. Six months later the film had its premiere at The Avon Theatre in Stamford, CT.


Some months earlier my friend Cici, asked me to help with her most recent film project. She’d just returned from Italy having spread her mother’s ashes in the Boboli Gardens above Florence and she wanted to commemorate the event in a film. The event proved to be a chance for the family to get together. Not only the immediate members, but cousins scattered through Italy as well. And though the spreading of the ashes was a somewhat somber event the whole trip proved to be joyous.

As a result Cici gave me all sorts of wonderful things to work with: drawings of Florence1bff060d7132a2984198919f9aed2fae_large she did while on the trip, tons of photographs, bits and pieces of film. It was all too much, so I finally said: “Put your film together then let me see what I can do.” And that’s exactly what we did. In the end what she handed me was a magical ten minutes of cinema that I then had to put words to.

d04e545df4380931a5c0c1de7a8e1941_largeIt took two or three tries but I finally wrote something that mirrored the essence of the trip. I then did the voice over for the film as well.

On April 7, 2013 it was shown on the big screen at the Avon Theatre in Stamford and there were few dry eyes by the time the credits rolled.

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