Marisa Kakoulas, author of “Black Tattoo Art, Vol. 2”, November 21, 2013

My history with tattooing goes back to the early 1970’s when, fresh out of college, my head still ringing with all the rhetoric about the upcoming Video Revolution, I went in search of a topic.

5391613362_cbd9b3c80a_z‘Portrait of Marisa Kakoulas’, oil on canvas, 48″ x 60″, 2010, by Shawn Barber

A friend, also interested in film, suggested a visit to Big Joe’s Tattoo Parlor in Mount Vernon, NY. And THAT is where my lifelong interest in tattooing began.

Black_GreyTattooo1__Cover_lowWe never made that film and the idea morphed into a book. I never did a book either, but then, hell, it took another 30 some-odd years for The Video Revolution to happen…so who knows there might still be a book in the offing, but till then, my friend Marisa Kakoulas, has four books3133074573_24c4dc9187_z filled with the most incredible tattoo artwork. Besides Black Tattoo Art, Vol.2, the other titles include: Black & Grey Tattoo, Vol. 1 (Traditional Black & Grey), Black & Grey Tattoo, Vol. 2 (Dark/Horror) and Black & Grey Tattoo, Vol. 3 (Photorealism).

By the way, I eventually did make a tattoo film. In 2010 I filmed Marisa’s publication party for the Black and Grey Tattoo book at TATTOO CULTURE in Brooklyn, NY.

Click here if you would like to see the film.

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