A Conversation with Alexandra Stratou, author of the “Cook[ειν] (Cookin’)” Cookbook, March 21, 2013

She starts with a number: 936.

936 Sunday lunches with family.


But Alexandra Stratou has many more ingredients to add before she’s done with this recipe.

2 years of cooking school

9 years of journal writingoriginal

2 slices of work

¾ cup of creativity

2 tbsp of love

Then there’s the more practical stuff that must be added:

1 photographer

1 graphic designer

1 printer

…and of course there are the recipes themselves…75 to 80 of those.

img_2534-2But she’s wise enough to understand that for every project like this, every meaningful event in life, there will be those moments when things aren’t so bright and shiny so she adds:

a pinch of anxiety

and a few drops of doubt but she tops it all with a sprig from the tree of life.

Actually the last ingredient is a blessing.

A blessing for Alexandra Stratou and her Kickstarter project. A project designed to create, as she so eloquently writes:

A Greek cookbook honoring family, uncompromised tradition, cooking & life.dsc_0086


Back on March 21, 2013 I spoke to Alexandra about her combining cutting edge technologies and concepts like crowd-funding and video with generations old family recipes to create something that is both old and new. I talked to her about her quest to bring her cookbook Cook[ειν] (Cookin’) to life.

If you would like to listen to this program please go to 2013 in the Radio Programs section and click on #6.

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