Bill Buschel…

At one point in my life my business card had only two words printed on it: World Traveler. Today I’ve been settled long enough to cover both side of that card in small print with the things I’m doing.

For over two decades, along with writing and storytelling, I’ve been producing and hosting a program for Hellenic Public Radio called Graffiti. In May, 2009, my nine page photoessay on the Obama Inauguration entitled, “For the People”, was published in ARTisSpectrum Magazine.

The short film, “CICI ARTIST”, for which I wrote the screenplay had its world premiere at the Big Apple Film Festival in November 2010. I’m working on two other short film projects and a film script. One of the films stars a handful of paper bag puppets in a noir/quest/musical comedy. The other involves power and magic. The script is about a Christmas event that goes bizarrely wrong.

Oh…and I take pictures, write poetry and blogs and make videos, too.

Use my Contact Us page to tell me what I’m doing right or what I can improve on.